Our Leaders

Each EIM Adventures trip is led by 2 Haitian guides (all current or former English in Mind students) in collaboration with 1-2 foreign guides. Although they come from different backgrounds, all of our leaders are passionate about sharing their love of Haiti with the world. They’re also super fun travel companions.


As a lead guide, Jure Esnold helps oversee all of our trips. Beyond being a master of logistics, he once hiked 16 hours in a pair of Sperry Top-siders.


Steph Price is the director of EIM Adventures and coordinates each of our trips and partnerships. Her love of Haiti is matched only by her love of 90’s pop culture.


Peterson Bornelus, or “Gwo” is the bigger of our two Petersons. He also has a big personality. Ask to see his dance moves on your next trip.


Stephanie Thermidor adds class (and an infectious giggle) to our team. Beyond leading trips, she’s also a teacher and Celine Dion lover.


Merove Edeus,is a driven student and EIM graduate. Don’t let his quiet nature fool you, Merove is also a freestyle rapper and gifted public speaker.


The only thing Ansly Pierre enjoys more than leading trips, is getting his hands in the dirt. Beyond guiding, Ansly is EIM’s garden manager.


Peterson Aulin is very eager, friendly and responsible. He’s also very short. Which is why we call him “Ti”, which means little in Kreyol.


Bob Louisema prefers to be called “B.O.B” (for Best of the Best or Boss of Bosses). Luckily is big self-confidence is matched by his big heart.


With an interest in nursing, our newest guide Florence Lindor is perfect for leading our Health trips. She also knows the best beaches in town.