EIM Adventures is proud to partner with like-minded organizations, all doing great work in Haiti and beyond. If you’re a non-profit, social enterprise, or travel company looking to bring groups to Haiti, please contact for more info about our partnerships.


English in Mind Institute (EIM) is one of the only, non-profit adult English schools in Port-au-Prince. Started as a simple language exchange in the aftermath of the earthquake, EIM is a Haitian-run organization with over 200 students, all following a rigorous Cambridge ESOL syllabus. Beyond classes, EIM offers vocational training, job placement, and sponsors graduates to take the TOEFL exam.

In 2013, English in Mind began bringing short-term volunteers to Haiti to work alongside their eager students. The success of these trips is what inspired us to create EIM Adventures, which employs only EIM students and graduates to be guides across our various programs.

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Deux Mains is an employee-owned ethical fashion company working to end poverty in Haiti. Deux Mains sources local leathers and repurposed tires to craft beautiful handmade sandals and other products. Inspired by its French translation, the craftsmen of Deux Mains use their own two hands to sculpt sidewalls into soles with a pride that comes from not only making something valuable for others, but also making a meaningful life for themselves.

With the help of their nonprofit partner, REBUILD globally, Deux Mains is part of a social business ecosystem committed to building financial security for the most vulnerable in Haiti; while also committed to creating a modern sandal brand that is always authentic, slightly eccentric and proudly unique.

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MIMSI International is an exciting new community-based organization, which trains volunteers in prenatal care in remote and rural areas of the developing world. These volunteers then run a mobile prenatal clinic with the support of local nurses and doctors to serve pregnant women in their communities.

The truth is, approximately eight hundred mothers die around the world daily because of complications of pregnancy and childbirth, resulting in hundreds of babies dying as well. Most of these complications result from negligence during delivery and are completely preventable with adequate, reliable, and repeated prenatal care visits. MIMSI is committed to helping mothers survive pregnancy and childbirth both in Haiti and beyond.

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Prana is one of the top yoga and movement arts studios in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They are dedicated to cultivating mindfulness, peace, and balance through various healing arts including Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi and dance.

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Singing Rooster (Kok Ki Chante) is a social enterprise nonprofit that works directly with Haitian farmer co-ops to produce quality Haitian coffee and chocolate. Singing Rooster works to empower Haiti’s small producers through economy-building with coffee and chocolate. Kok Ki Chante works with farmers to add value to crops that are sold directly to consumers and businesses in Haiti. 100% of Singing Rooster’s proceeds are invested in Haiti for economic development.

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Haiti Communitere (HC) is a guesthouse and resource center located close to the international airport in Port-au-Prince. A long-time partner and friend of EIM, HC offers both accommodations, and a well-equipped workshop and computer lab. HC supports community organizations and serves as an exposition site for green and sustainable building methods and alternative sanitation systems.

Just by staying here you’ll be making an impact as the money spent on accommodations helps HC continue to support so many community led initiatives. We’re proud to call Haiti Communitere home!


The New World Community (NWC) is a Canadian social enterprise that celebrates the importance of human connection by connecting individuals to partner communities around the world, providing convenient avenues to make positive impacts in the lives of those who need it most.

Through their CLOUD Project program, the NWC brings groups of university students down to Haiti. Similar to our education trips, CLOUD volunteers teach at English in Mind Institute and get involved at a local orphanage.

As EIM Adventures requires participants to be 21 and older, if you’re a college student looking for a similar experience, or traveling from Canada, we encourage you to check out the NWC’s Haiti trips here.